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Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services is an FBI approved channeling agency for Person with Disabilities. We work honestly and dedicatedly with the authentic process of helping morally, financially and legally citizens of Florida suffering from disabilities. We work with full compliance of rules and regulation to minimize the risk among children, adult and elders.

Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services Is Tampa Florida’s Approved FDLE LiveScan Service Provider Level 2 Fingerprinting

Community Care Service Programs APD Provides:

1. Home & Community-Based Services(HCBS) offers consumers the opportunity to receive in-home support care for long-term medical needs at home rather than be placed in an institutional care setting.

2. Intermediate Care Facility Placement offers an indivFlorida Electronic Fingerprinting Servicesalized comprehensive care plan to personalize rehabilitative services for intellectual disability indivFlorida Electronic Fingerprinting Servicesals while promoting inclusion, improving functional status and independence.

3. Supported employment services – secures permanent, offers competitive employment for any interested participant, without screening for work-readiness 2. Job development services that identify jobs based on each indivFlorida Electronic Fingerprinting Servicesal’s goals, rather than securing positions set aside for people with disabilities 3. Starting the job search when a person expresses interest, instead of using transitional employment and/or pre-employment training or counseling 4. Integrated employment and mental health services from one provider, with frequent service coordination meetings

4. Supported living services – Promoting independence and inclusion in the community is the cornerstone of this service for developmental disabilities. Whether clients live in their home or in community coaching, support and community services are available to meet the full potential of the client to live at home in the community.

5. Consumer Directed Care Plus (CDC+) – CDC+ is an alternative care program for Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Medicaid Waiver. CDC+ program provides opportunities for persons to make independent choices and decisions that improve the quality of their lives. This process empowers the client with choice, while supported with services to meet their long term care needs.

6. IFS (IndivFlorida Electronic Fingerprinting Servicesal and Family Supports) funding for non-waiver customer expenses.

All future employees, applicants, and volunteers must have a Level 2 background screening prior to placement with a consumer. Initiating the applicant screening in the ClearingHouse creates a record, which indicates due diligence for employment purposes.

Per F.S. 435.12, APD Service Providers must register and initiate all criminal history checks through the Clearinghouse. ClearingHouse access requires registration and login. The background screening process and estimated processing time are dependent on the FDLE FBI criminal history check and their transfer of the level 2 screening result to the APD Background Screening Unit. The livescan fingerprinting process usually takes 2 to 5 business days.

Prior to Employment, all applicants should complete the following requirements:

Level 2 Background Screening (FBI and FDLE) – The Clearinghouse Results Website is used to initiate screenings, search approved Livescan vendors, check/print screening results, and maintain an employee roster.

Local Criminal Records Check – A check of local criminal records must be conducted directly with and certified by a law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction where the person resides. Internet search results are not acceptable. (Local Police Departments & Sheriff’s Offices)

APD Attestation of Good Moral Character – The Attestation is a list of all disqualifying offenses under the APD General Program. All personnel must acknowledge and sign; Affidavits from other Agencies will not be accepted. (See requirements for CDC+ form).

Employment History Checks – Covering 2 year period preceding position they are applying for. All periods of unemployment should be explained. Verification is required.

Wether you are coming to Florida, or moving out, 1Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services does have an Out-of-State FD 258 Card accepting and processing facility.
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Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services is FDLE approved veteren owned level 2 livescan electronic fingerprinting service provider.