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Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services Support Home Healthcare Workers with Live scan Fingerprinting and Background Screening Services

Home Health Agencies provider specific and important Live scan Fingerprinting services to their communities. Home Health Agencies (HHA) provide clients...
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Electronic Fingerprinting and the Use of Biometric Facial Recognition

Gone are the days when you had to press your fingers onto the ink pad and roll them on the...
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FDLE/FBI Florida Criminal History Reports are Barriers to Occupational Employment

Job applicants are often surprised and embarrassed to find their past criminal history stopped them from attaining fulfilling employment. Many...
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Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services wishes a Happy Labor Day to our Hardworking Hillsborough County Customers!

We value and support our county businesses and workforce with competitive FDLE level 2 fingerprint fees. Without your well wishes,...
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Happy Mother’s Celebration

Happy Mother’s Celebration May 01 - May 31, 2019 For Military Kids, Mom sometimes means Dad, Grandparents, and well every...
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