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SOF: Narrative Explaining Criminal History

Happy Mother’s Celebration

Happy Mother’s Celebration May 01 - May 31, 2019 For Military Kids, Mom sometimes means Dad, Grandparents, and well every...
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SOF: Narrative Explaining Criminal History

Statement of Facts- Narrative Explaining Difficult Situation to Potential Employer or State Licensing Agency

So, you’ve just been offered a face-to-face interview for your dream job. The hiring manager has spoken to you on...
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SOF: Narrative Explaining Criminal History

WHY is the FBI in our Adoption?

Adopting a child brings immeasurable joy to the lives ofa child and their new parents. Both the adoptee and adopters...
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Evictions: Understanding the Process,and Moving Forward with the Right Resources

Evictions are unpleasant. Evictions are stressful. Ideally a rental situation would never come to such an end and there are...
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ESY: Employment Screen Yourself

Why Are Businesses Turning to Biometric Fingerprinting?

Biometric fingerprinting - as 'high-tech' as it might sound - is actually nothing new. As a usable technology, it has...
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