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  • Our fingerprinting Mobile Technicians will meet you almost anywhere.
  • Our background screening specialist offer professional comprehensive services.
  • Our SOF writers assist many people explain their criminal histories.


  • We have a diverse team, from background screening specialty, to technicians, to Notary Publics we offermany years of industry expertise
  • We continually improve our methods and services to give the best service to our client’s.


  • We will work closely with many different organizations
  • We assist every employee and follow up on every business opportunity.
  • We wantare commitment to customer service excellence.

HIPPA Compliance Fingerprinting Deadline – and Tornadoes touched down in Tampa, FL – Nov 02, 2018

“Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services’s Technicians are fearless! They navigated through a tough situation with expertise and forethought. Meeting the deadline meant our employment placement contracts were secure.”

Rachel S

Staffing Agency Assistant Manager


Office Manager, Professional Background Screening Services

I am Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services .I have assisted hundreds of companies across several industries make the change towards reducing operating cost by negotiating fees for fingerprinting and background screening services

I find my work rewarding because I get to solve 3 of our client’sbiggest challenges, improving operating cost - impacting the bottom line and expansion.

Weare very proud of, and grateful for our repeat business client’s.


Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services is here to help you receive the professional background screening services your organization needs. When you combine your operational savings, with our professional services, you know we are on your side


President, Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services and Background Screening Services LLC

We are here to service our business communities fingerprinting and background screening needs. The military is a large organization with circular needs. It could not operate without manpower, so military recruiters are dispatched to keep operations running efficiently. We help you run effortlessly.