By far, the finest Background Check performed by our FBI-approved channelling agency is the Comprehensive Criminal Check.

In this process of Comprehensive Background Check, thorough investigation and analysis of the applicants are done.

All the primary and secondary resources are considered including previous employment history, schooling and university information, from public and private databases.

Why this Comprehensive Check is better than normal?

Well, the answer is simple. Clear and unbiased information and understanding of the person are obtained from compound sources that eventually reduce the risk of unprejudiced judgment.

The turnaround time for Comprehensive Criminal is between a day and 72 hours. The fee for the same is $40.

Above all, there is no passthrough fee to apply, the price is fixed.

Benefits of Comprehensive Background Check –

Uncover Hidden Issues: With a comprehensive background check, the chances of uncovering the hidden issues get improved. Thus a clear image of the applicant is obtained.

No Employment Issues: It also reduces the issues related to employment such as negligent hiring liability and more.

Better Hires: If the employer is presented with detailed and clean information about the one they are hiring, the chances of hires get amplified.