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Real Estate Sales and Brokers Fingerprinting Services in Tampa Florida by FDLE Approved Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services

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Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services is an FDLE Approved Livescan Electronic
Fingerprint Service Provider in Tampa Florida

Being an FDLE approved and veteran-owned company, Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services offers best-in-class LiveScan Electronic Fingerprinting services in Tampa Florida services. These services are required for the level 2 background check in Florida for professions that include Real Estate Sales and Brokers. If you want to enter this industry then you have to go through this process. It does not take much time and in 10 to 15 minutes you will get your fingerprint clean, clear and of high-quality.

DBPR (Department of Business & Professional Regulation) Florida has set some standard rules and regulations for Real estate sales and brokers. The rules and regulations are there so that only the deserving professional can provide service. To get licensed, each applicant has to go through the background verification process and screening check.

What is a Level 2 Background Check in Florida?

The level 2 background check in Florida for people of numerous professions is conducted by FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement). The background check is used to check the record of persons in the FDLE database, FBI criminal history searches, and country criminal records. All the process remains confidential and is done under the supervision of local courts and law enforcement agencies.

Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services is always there to save people’s time and to provide efficient services of electronic fingerprinting in Tampa Florida. All the services are performed for a level II background check. Please see the list of required documents.

ORI Number for Real Estate Sales and Brokers Profession is FL920010Z

If you are moving out from Florida or coming here, Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services has an Out-of-State (258) Card accepting and processing facility.

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