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Electronic Fingerprinting and the Use of Biometric Facial Recognition

Electronic Fingerprinting and the Use of Biometric Facial Recognition

Electronic Fingerprinting and the Use of Biometric Facial Recognition


Gone are the days when you had to press your fingers onto the ink pad and roll them on the paper to get your fingerprinting done. Electronic fingerprinting has taken place of traditional fingerprinting. It is an inkless method of taking fingerprints. Before going to its uses, let’s first understand what electronic fingerprinting technology is and the process of saving the fingerprints.

What’s Electronic Fingerprinting Technology?


Updating the fingerprinting method, today, companies use digital scanners to capture the image of the fingerprints electronically. To do this, the person puts the fingers (palm side) on a silicon reader or an optical surface and keep it there for a few seconds. Just as in photocopying, a ray of scanning light/laser is passed to capture the image of fingerprinting and saved digitally on the computer connected with the scanner. While saving the fingerprints in the file, the computer scans the fingerprints with the available database to know if there is any duplicity.

Once the fingerprints are saved, they can be used for many purposes. These fingerprints are usually saved with the federal governing body. If the police find some fingerprints on the crime scene, they can scan those fingerprints with the available database to identify the person who was present at the crime scene.

Why Electronic Fingerprinting is Important? Why should I do it?

Electronic fingerprinting, so far, has benefitted several working sectors such as retail, corporate, government, manufacturing industry, technology organizations, universities, independent workplaces among others.

The biggest area that electronic fingerprinting has dominated is employee identification and background screening. Employers run a background screening check on employees for verification, credit history, criminal history, address verification, reference check, drug abuse test, education qualification, and other parameters. Employers want to hire employees with personal and professional credibility. And, electronic fingerprinting and background screening makes it easy for them to do it.

Background screening on employees eliminates the risk involved in hiring the applicants with fraudulent background resulting in a safe and ethical work environment. This was important because many cases emerged in recent years where the employees lied or misrepresented their information to their employers.

Electronic fingerprinting also helps people with criminal records to get a job. A few times, this has happened that people got cleared off their criminal records and given a clean sheet by the court, the police, and the FBI, but they still do not get the job because of the heresy or incorrect information or updated information about their records. Background screening eliminates the heresy and lets the employee approach job opportunities. So, electronic fingerprinting helps both ways.

Biometric Facial Recognition

Recent technological developments have connected electronic fingerprinting and biometric facial recognition. The technology grew so rapidly that it is now available in our home security cameras, and phones as well. When the person saves his/her fingerprints electronically, he/she can also save the face prints biometrically to develop a complete profile.


Uses of Biometric Facial Recognition

  • It has helped in the prevention of retail crime. The security camera running on facial recognition technology captures the images of the faces and compares it with the database available. The store owner gets identified of the person whether he is a known criminal or not.
  • This technology has helped the police identify and find the missing persons. Through all the CCTV camera footage, the police can identify and locate the missing persons.
  • Identifying the suspected individuals in the crowd from the distance.
  • ·        Biometric facial recognition aides the employee background screening process by establishing a profile of the applicant based on the fingerprints and facial recognition.
  • This technology has also helped in marketing as the hotel owners can know through the facial recognition system that they have a VIP guest. And, they can serve the guest well to increase their goodwill.

How to get electronic fingerprinting done?

FBI and government regulatory bodies have authorized independent centers to offer the electronic fingerprinting services to the people.

Your fingers will be scanned digitally, and your photo profile will be saved in the database.

Local people can contact their nearest approved Livescan electronic fingerprinting service provider to scan their fingerprints digitally. There’s a norm that every person has to follow.

Get in touch today know what you need to bring when you come for electronic fingerprinting services from us. Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services is a Veteran founded Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) approved Livescan electronic fingerprinting service provider.