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Electronic Fingerprinting Direct Support Professional ORI EAPDGN10Z Tampa Florida

Electronic Fingerprinting Direct Support Professional ORI EAPDGN10Z Tampa Florida

Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services Direct Support Professional Electronic Fingerprinting Services in Tampa Florida

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Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services Is Tampa Florida’s FDLE Approved Livescan Service Provider Level 2 Fingerprinting

All the new license applicants, license renewal applicants have to go through the level 2 background check in Florida before their placement with a client. This ensures that the right individuals are hired to offer quality services to the people of Florida.

What is a Direct Support Professional?

Direct support professionals (DSPs) are a term collectively used for professionals who work with people having developmental disabilities. The DSPs assist these individuals to become integrated into their community, or the least restrictive environment.

Other Services Direct Support Professionals offer:

– Assisting people having developmental disabilities in making a contribution to the community and leading self-directed lives.

– Assist them in their daily activities if required. And, encourage behaviors and attitudes enhancing community inclusion.

– May offer support services at school, home, church, work, and community.

– As advocates in communicating requirements, goals and self-expression.

What is a Directly Hired Employee (DHE)?

Directly Hired Employee (DHE) are the professionals that are directly hired by a Client, Consumer or Representative to offer long term care services. These professionals are not hired through an agency. This way, the client, representative or consumer reserves the right to control the details of when, how, and where of the services that the DHE has been assigned to perform. Not only this, but the client is also responsible for reporting, withholding, and remitting appropriate employee and employer taxes. DHEs are paid on the timesheet basis instead of an invoice.

Per F.S. 435.12, APD Service Providers must perform all criminal history checks through the Clearinghouse. You can access ClearingHouse via login details. The level 2 background check in Florida and screening process depends on the FDLE database check, and FBI criminal history check and their transfer of the level 2 screening result to the APD Background Screening Unit. The Livescan electronic fingerprinting process usually takes 2 to 5 business days.

Before the Employment, all applicants should complete the following requirements:

Local Criminal Records Check – A certified law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction where the person resides conducts the check of local criminal records directly. Search results through the internet are not accepted. (Sheriff’s offices and Local Police Departments)

Employment History Checks – Verification of all the periods of unemployment explained by the applicant must be done. 2 years period preceding the position the applicant is applying for must be covered.

Whether you are coming to Florida or moving out, Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services does have an Out-of-State FD 258 Card accepting and processing facility.If you are searching for level 2 Livescan fingerprinting near me in Tampa, Florida, you know now where to head.Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services is an FDLE approved Veteran-Founded level 2 Livescan electronic fingerprinting service provider.

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