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Osteopathic Physician

Osteopathic Physician

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Electronic fingerprinting is required for professionals across several domains. These are used to run the level II background check in Florida on the employee/applicant. At Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services, you get industry-best electronic fingerprinting machinery that makes the process of electronic fingerprinting quick and easy.

Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services has photo capable electronic fingerprinting services in Tampa Florida. The Board of Osteopathic Medicine Florida was established to control and monitor the regularities in the professions

The board, through licensing the personnel of different professions, ensures the quality standards and safety of the respective practice areas for the people. And, the process of electronic fingerprinting is a way to conduct the background check and also it is an integral step in licensing.

What is a Level 2 Background Check in Florida?

FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) is responsible for conducting a fingerprint-based level two background check for the employees’ records in FDLE database, FBI criminal history searches and county criminal records through law enforcement agencies or local courts. Osteopathic Physician Electronic Fingerprinting is required for the level two background check in Florida.

The task of licensing the medical professionals among other fields is with the state.

It takes from five minutes to fifteen minutes to get your electronic fingerprinting done at the Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services facility in Tampa Florida if you bring along al the required documents. Here’s the detailed list of what you need to bring for the electronic fingerprinting process.

ORI Number for Osteopathic Physician is EDOH2015Z

If you are coming to Florida or moving out from here, you can leverage Out-of-State (258) Card accepting and processing services at our facility. It can help you in your employment.

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