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So you’ve got digital documents and you want to get them notarized? You can do this via eNotary using a digital signature seal. This method can validate your digital documents with a digital certificate. This is done via cryptography and a secure public key to create, use, manage, store and revoke the digital certificate related to the document that needs to be notarized. The document could be a word or a PDF document.

Once the process is done, any unauthorized changes or alterations will be clear to the relying parties.

The NASS – National Association of Secretaries of State has authorized the state secretaries to build the standards controlling and regulating allowing electronic notarizations to protect the credibility of the signature. This detects and reduces identity fraud.

Part II of chapter 117, Florida Statutes, consisting of ss. 117.201-117.305, Florida Statutes, and entitled “Online Notarizations” explains the eNotary in detail.

Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services is a veteran-owned and FDLE approved electronic fingerprinting service provider that also offers electronic notary services. So from now on, not only electronic fingerprinting but also electronic notary service is available with Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services.

Get notarized and legally electronically sign the documents in an as secure as the traditional process. We have installed technologically advanced machines and use the latest software technology to accomplish the tasks for the people. Florida has a strict electronic notary law and only that technology is used for eNotary that is authorized by the State of Florida. Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services uses an Approved Florida Service provider for our eNotary Services.

The remote notary or eNotary services allow the applicants to be anywhere to get their documents notarized. We provide a safe environment for your notary purposes.

You save money with Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services’s eNotary services. With Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services, you can have your documents notarized in private and comfortable in your home without spending an extra penny.

Veteran-owned and FDLE approved Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services can notarize documents for any U.S. Citizen. They just have to meet the minimum requirements of the eNotary process. If you qualify for the eNotary process, you don’t even have to leave home to benefit from the process.

Here’s how you know whether you are qualified or not for the eNotary process

• You should be a United States citizen
• You should have a state-issued ID card or driver license
• You should have a Social Security Number (during the identity verification, you will be asked only last four digits of your SSN)
• You must have at least five years of credit history’
• You must have a US assigned telephone number.
• Good internet connection, updated browser and any device (except for mobile phones)

eNotary is available only in 16 states and Florida is one of those 16 states.

Contact Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services today for the best eNotary services available in Florida.

Note: We will not, and do not give legal advice, suggestions, or opinions.Notaries are authorized by Florida State Governments to help people with non- contentious legal matters: those related to Deeds, Estates, etc………


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