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Our Eviction Enhanced Plus Search is a robust eviction report which, addresses rental history associated with the applicant’s SSN in addition to the core address submitted to search for evictions. Due to the limited identifiers on evictions and for a more accurate search, the house or street number is used in addition to the zip code, first and last name to match records to your applicant. The search is a 7-year history and the typical information returned, if available, is the defendant’s name, address where evicted, date, judgment amount, dispositions status, the plaintiff and plaintiff phone number and the plaintiff’s attorney and phone number. Coverage is provided in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, but certain jurisdictions and areas of low population density may provide limited data.

Eviction is a problem, not a symptom. The symptoms that started the eviction process are a lack of affordable housing, wage stagnation, lack of legal assistance, and lack of education on renting.

Once evicted, creating a plan to cure the eviction will assist you in regaining a good rental history.

An Eviction is not necessarily reported to the credit bureaus, however, a property owners civil lawsuit might be an indicator of previous rental problems. As well as a collection agency hired by the landlord or property owner. Once, this information in on your credit report it can legally remain thereseven years from date of delinquency.


Eviction Enhanced Plus Search

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