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Apostille is a separate government document issued by the US Department of respective State that is attached to the original documents of the applicants. The Apostille document is proof of the legitimacy and authenticity of the original document. The Apostilled or authenticated documents are accepted in the countries that are members of the HCCH, Hague Conference on Private International Law. So, people working or studying in the member countries can use the Apostilled documents for their verification process.

FBI Apostille is an extra certification required along with your regular FBI background check. The HCCH member countries require this extra certification from immigrants working or studying in their country.

Many countries initiated the approach in 1961. They created a simple process to legalize and authenticate the documents, which all the member countries will recognize. This was called the Hague Convention. The United States became part of the Hague Convention in 1985.



Be sure to complete the FBI Background check before going for the FBI Apostille. Submit your FBI Background check results with FEFPS because we are an FDLE approved agency for processing the request. You can get your documents Apostilled by yourself also, but there are a lot of minor details that you might miss, and then you have to start the process again. It will be time-consuming for you because you will either have to do it in person or mail the documents. Our experts know all the ins and outs of the process and proceed the right way the very first time. Our experts complete the job quickly for you saving you time and money.

Download the service form available on our website. Fill the form to confirm that you want to act us on your behalf for the FBI Apostille/Authentication process. Contact FEFPS today to easily get FBI Apostille.
We hand-carry every document to the US Department of Respective State. That’s why our service is reliable and quicker than the traditional options.


If you want to study or work in a foreign country, then you might be asked to present your FBI Apostille along with your FBI background check (FBI Criminal History Summary Report). Employers or state governments might ask for these documents because they want to be double sure of their applicants.

The Apostille documents are the proof of legitimacy or authenticity of the FBI reports. For an FBI background check, you need your electronic fingerprints done at an FDLE approved center such as FEFPS.
FEFPS covers all your needs, from electronic Fingerprinting to FBI Apostille. You won’t feel the need to contact anyone else.