Affordable Live Scan Fingerprinting, No Hidden Fees

There are several professional areas where level 2 background screening is conducted to make sure that the right and the genuine candidate is getting hired for the job. The employers in a company or home care service seekers do not want an untrustworthy employer or service provider in their premises. To be sure of the character and past record of the applicant or the candidate, the level 2 background check, FBI criminal check is conducted to see if the applicant or candidate has committed a felony in the past or have any record that may put the work culture in a company at risk.

The stakes are even high when someone wants to hire nurses, home care providers. Nobody would want an unreliable person inside their homes assisting their patients. There’s a much big risk there. So, to make every employer of any kind gets the right hire for their company or loved ones, a level 2 background check is done on the applicants. This process also helps the applicants to keep their work status updated and follow the guidelines because if they fail to do so, they are unlikely to get their licenses renewed or get hired in the future. It’s a good system in place to protect the interests of the people of Florida.

Now, in order to get the level 2 background check done, the applicants need the electronic fingerprints, which are sent to the local police or even courts to cross-check with the database for any records.

The Federal Government has said that applicants must get the electronic fingerprinting done at an FDLE approved Livescan service provider. Only those electronic fingerprints are accepted that are done at an FDLE approved center. FEFPS is an FDLE approved center. The Federal Government has put some rules and regulations for the electronic fingerprinting centers to follow. FEFPS follows those rules and regulations. That is why people trust our services. Get in touch today for your electronic fingerprinting for level 2 background screening.