Financial Services Broker-Dealer Electronic fingerprinting

FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) processes fingerprints firms submit on behalf of their associated persons, who are required to be fingerprinted pursuant to Section 17f-2 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The fingerprint requirements for funding portals differ slightly from broker-dealers; the information provided on this page and related links pertain to broker-dealers..

Firms can submit fingerprint information to FINRA in two ways:

  1. Electronically through FINRA's Electronic Fingerprint Submission (EFS) Program
  2. Using hard copy fingerprint cards. FINRA’s Electronic Fingerprint Processing (EFP) enables FINRA to electronically exchange fingerprint information with the FBI, which includes transmitting fingerprints to the FBI and receiving results for upload to Web CRD.

If you are looking to work in any financial firm, then you are required to be electronically fingerprinted by FINRA. FEFPS is authorized to offer Florida FINRA licensing package for the service seekers. FBI and FDLE encourage people to take services from authorized vendors only such as FEFPS. Our authorized is not the only reason to choose us for the services. We have latest machines and expert staff members that accomplish the tasks easily and quickly. Our staff members are knowledgeable enough to even clear your queries about the process. We keep the process secure, fast, and reliable.

You will get high quality electronically generated fingerprints for the background verification process. High quality fingerprints means that you won’t get rejection in the background screening process or any request to re-submit the fingerprints again.

Here’s what you need while submitting fingerprints to FINRA.

  • Firm Name
  • Firm CRD Number
  • Firm’s Full Address

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