Tampa Florida Level 2 - Electronic and FBI Fingerprint Provider

14512 N Nebraska Ave Tampa, FL 33613

Florida Essential Services Provider


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Florida Medicaid Providers and Enrollees

Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services is Tampa Florida’s Approved FDLE LiveScan Service Provider Level 2 fingerprinting

Medicaid Services

The age, amount, type of services medically mandated, for the Medicaid beneficiary will be determined by the Medicaid program in which the recipient is enrolled. Medicaid services may include: nursing home, doctors, community behavioral health hospitals, family planning (birth control, pregnancy and birth care), hospice, home health care, transportation, dental and visual, prescription drugs, and other types of services. Medicaid Provider Licensing in Florida is managed by the Agency for Healthcare Administration also known as AHCA. AHCA is responsible for licensing and background screening individuals and companies who provide home health care services to special care populations. Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services is an FDLE Approved LiveScan Service Providers and FBI – Identity History Report Service Providers. We submit FDLE level 2 fingerprinting electronically, which are evaluated by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). FDLE verifies that the fingerprinting capture and submission are in compliance with FDLE and Federal Bureau of Investigation fingerprinting regulations and standards.