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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The basic things you need to bring with you is a valid government issued ID card and another form of identification. The acceptable means of identification are:

  • State Issued Driver’s License
  • Phone Number
  • State Issued Identification Card
  • US Passport
  • Work Visa (with photo)
  • Military Identification Card

ORI stands for Originating Agency Identifier. This number is provided by Law Enforcement agencies (in this case Florida Department of Law Enforcement) and it can be used to identify the agency requesting the criminal history check and for what purpose.
All businesses or industries are required to have an ORI number.

OCA stands for Controlling Agency Identifier. This number is provided by the Department of Child and Families (DCF) and identifies the provider requesting the background check. This is the Originating Agency Case Number, which tells the governing agency which provider is requesting the screening.
Not all businesses or industries are required to have an OCA number

TCN (Transaction Control Number) assist with process or workflow of your background check. TCN is assigned with your livescan screening process. This allows the client to follow the screening process from start to completion. There may be additional processing time within each background screening unit organization, based on livescan results.

Electronic fingerprinting is an inkless, electronic means of capturing a person’s fingerprints in a digitized format and then transmitting them to a state repository such as FLDE and/or the FBI. It captures a picture of all ten fingers, palm down. Electronic Fingerprinting is faster than using fingerprint cards; criminal and employment history results are obtained within minutes.
Fingerprinting positively identifies each individual singularly, criminal history checks are a recognized standard of identification.

First, does the country require a “Good Citizen Report” meaning, Apostille for an FBI Background Check.
You can apply for visas by submitting the required document to the consulate or embassy of the country you wish to visit or move to.

U.S. citizens must get a Visa prior to traveling to countries that require them. Visa can be issued by any county’s embassy. Please check Bureau of Consular Affairs list of specific Visa requirements by country. Plan your work, student, or volunteer Visa according to the host countries rules and regulations regarding Visa. Visit the U.S. Department of State list of countries around the world and their Visa requirements for U.S. citizens.

Research leading universities with QS World University Rankings and this is a great link as well – subject rankings, find your fit, and get moving. Going alone or as a group to your designated Host country requires a firm detailed travel plan. Manage the University application process is paramount to the success of the application, some Universities require a 2-step process that can take MONTHS.

—Read instructions thoroughly.

Individuals attempting to purchase firearms who experience extended delays or erroneous denials may apply to be considered for entry into the VAF by signing an applicant statement that authorizes the NICS Section to retain information that would otherwise be destroyed upon the approval of the firearm transaction. A fingerprint card is also required when applying for VAF.
A complete NICS check is still required for future purchases and will result in a denial if additional prohibitive information is discovered. The NICS Section is required to destroy any records submitted to the VAF upon written request of the individual.
A VAF application and fingerprint form can be obtained online (below), by emailing a request to, or by mailing a request to the FBI, Criminal Justice Information Services Division, NICS Section, NICS Functional Support Team, Module A-1, Post Office Box 4278, Clarksburg, WV 26302-4278.

– Voluntary Appeal File Application
– Archivo de Apelación Voluntaria (Español)
– Standard Fingerprint Form
– Attorney Release Form
– Types of Documents Based on Prohibitor

Live Scan is a form of background check that is required by the state and federal government; typically for state-issued licenses, employment, or volunteer work. Livescan is also known as electronic fingerprinting which is a criminal history background check. Background checks are either Name-Based or Fingerprint-Based. Note that Non-governmental entities are not authorized to receive criminal history information under statutory licensing and employment provisions.

It should take approximately 15-20 minutes for a fingerprint technician to capture your fingerprints onto a single fingerprint card or transmit directly to FDLE.

Call FEFPS office question 813.977.9900. We do not have access to any background or criminal history records.

According to FBI regulations, your prints cannot be used to apply for another professional license or with other agencies. You are required to have separate prints for each license you are applying for. Unfortunately, this is true.

FBI gathers information from every police department and court in the country on arrests and convictions and compiles the information into a large national database. So, if you have ever been arrested, charged with a crime or convicted of one, the FBI knows about it and they have created a report that documents it all. Upon request, you can request for your record of criminal history. A letter will be sent to your potential employer. The letter will contain only information about any convictions or criminal history. Is the information correct? How old is the information? Does the original filling court system still have a copy of the original arrest?

It is required to complete and pass a background check or Livescan before being hired for a job or volunteer in a variety of professions. Apart from the fact that a Livescan helps to reduce identity cases and risks, you need a Livescan to satisfy federal and state regulatory requirements.

Yes. You need to book a service appointment, please call +1.8139779900

Livescan results are usually prepared within 3 to 5 business. These reports can be downloaded and mailed. FBI Criminal Reports are usually delivered via US Mail within 5-7 days from the day the order is received and processed.

Accepted methods of payment include – Quickbooks Invoicing or Exact Cash

Yes. We Offer Mobile Fingerprinting Services to clients up to 10 miles from our local office. Contact us if you are a concierge client.