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Florida Electronic
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Founded in 2018 with the core mission of providing professional electronic fingerprinting and employee background screening services to Hillsborough County, and surrounding communities.

Approved FDLE: Level 2 background Screening Vendor.
Approved FBI Identity History Report or “RAP SHEET”.
Approved State Department Apostille Services

We offer competitive background screening fees for our services. Please Book an Appointment.
Electronic Fingerprinting services in Florida


Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services offers the following benefits to our client’s.

FDLE Fees are based on ORI number

FDLE 2019 Fee Schedule are public

The Top Myths Of Background Screening


FBI / FDLE Approved Biometric Livescan System In Florida, we provide fingerprinting services like FBI Adoptions, Livescan fingerprinting, and Level 2 Background check in Florida.


We understand and work with our clients; life is not a vacuum. When you do not control all the moving parts, you might need some navigational assistance.


Ari Sinudom
Ari Sinudom
Fantastic service! Ralph was extremely knowledgeable and helpful for the services I needed, not to mention a great and sweet human being. Great location, quite timely. Highly recommend!
Kris Wang
Kris Wang
He was really nice and helped me through the whole process. Very nice guy.
Olandria Lockhart
Olandria Lockhart
Very professional and personable. Sweet owner with great people skills and small talk while completing process. Quick, efficient, and respectful place. Located in neat trailer behind building. Check it out!
Tresa John
Tresa John
I highly recommend this service!!! My friend and I came to get our fingerprinting done and we were helped immediately. Ralph was very friendly and thoroughly explained the whole process to us and he answered all of the questions we had. I will come back here if need be!
Roy Taylor
Roy Taylor
Ralph was personable and professional. Thank you
Kayla Noakes
Kayla Noakes
They made it easy and painless to get multiple finger prints done. Even when I came with things filled out incorrectly they were kind and helped me out! Love that you can make an appointment and there is weekend availability. Definitely will be using for future needs.
LaMaria Wilson
LaMaria Wilson
When I arrived, Ralph immediately began helping me and walking me through the process of fingerprinting. Although it took us a minute, we got it done! He was so personable and helpful in every way. I probably asked the same question a handful of times but Ralph graciously answered each one. It wasn't just about fingerprinting but forming a connection with the customer as well! I enjoyed those 15 minutes talking with him and going through the process. Thank you so much and I will be referring my Tampa people here!
HULE Abebe
HULE Abebe
Very friendly and helpful! Appreciate your patience … keep up with the good work!
Paulette Shafer-Johnson
Paulette Shafer-Johnson
Was very happy with the service. He was so nice and very helpful as this was my second time. Best place to go if you need fingerprints. I’m glad it is operated and owned by a veteran. I highly recommend this place.
alicia rolle
alicia rolle
Exceptional service!!!! I highly recommend FEFS. Ralph was friendly, punctual, and very professional. He thoroughly explained how the fingerprint process worked and ensured that I felt comfortable during the appointment. He also takes the necessary steps to ensure that the equipment is sanitized. The fingerprinting process was completed promptly. I definitely recommend Ralph for all your fingerprinting needs.

Job applicants, including those seeking direct access to employment through the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) National Background Check Program (NBCP), have their fingerprints used to track records of criminal actions like arrests and dispositions and to compile criminal history reports.

Traditional fingerprinting relies on a straightforward principle. The palmar surface of the hands and feet develops ridges, known as papillary ridges, in patterns that are specific to each person and do not alter with time. Despite sharing the same DNA, fingerprints are not similar even amongst identical twins.

On average, fingerprint checks take between 24 and 72 hours to complete. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) will respond directly to the inquiring State agency.

In order to pass a Level 2 background check, an applicant’s fingerprints must be checked against databases maintained by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

A certificate’s thumbprint is a hash calculated from the whole certificate, including the signed contents. Certificate thumbprints are used in programs to make trust judgments, in configuration files, and on user interfaces.

Depending on the nature of your application, a Level 2 background check in Florida will cost you either $37.25 or $61.25, and this is in addition to any rolling or service fees required by the facility providing your Live Scan fingerprinting.

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