Florida state statutes require some employment applicants to submit a set of their fingerprints with the help of a LiveScan service provider to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). The fingerprints are used by FDLE to conduct a criminal history check via state and FBI criminal history data bases. The submitted fingerprints results will be saved in the Clearinghouse data base until the request for renewal is made. Electronic fingerprinting helps Florida State Background Screening Units stay in compliance of several Florida state statutes.

FDLE Approved LiveScan Service Provider like us offer electronic fingerprinting services and always use Originating Agency Identification (ORI). Your fingerprints will not be saved with an incorrect ORI number or a missing ORI number.

Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services is also in compliance with Florida’s Care Provider Background Screening Clearinghouse’s requirements. The clearinghouse has the authority to share the fingerprint search results with the authorized agencies when an applicant applies for a job, volunteers for any NGO program, for licenses or contracts with any department where a fingerprint background check is necessary. Florida state departments use electronic fingerprinting for their department’s background screening units.

Electronic Fingerprinting Form

Fill the form given below with the correct information and take it to your LiveScan service provider. Bring it to us if you choose us for electronic fingerprinting services. Get in touch with us today to know what additional items you need to bring.

Some points to keep in mind

When the fingerprints are submitted using the LiveScan Method, the background screening results are obtained from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

In case of missing ORI number or wrong ORI number, the Board office will not receive your background screening results.

The information filled in the form and the information provided to the livescan service provider at the time of fingerprints submission must be accurate.

It takes 24-72 hours to process the background screening results submitted through a LiveScan service provider

Only contact the LiveScan service provider such as Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services that captures your photo else you will have to reprint the photo in the future by a different agency.

    (This will be provided to you by the Livescan Service provider.)

    **Note: You will need to keep this form for your records. Do not send this form to the Board Office.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Electronic Fingerprinting

    How soon should I submit the fingerprints if I am applying for a license?

    When you apply for a license, then at least 5 days before submitting your application, you should submit your fingerprints using an FDLE approved Livescan service provider such as Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services.

    How do I find an FDLE approved Livescan service provider for electronic fingerprinting?

    The Livescan service providers that are approved by FDLE are listed on the official website. See the complete list of approved FDLE service providers. You will find Florida Electronic Fingerprinting Services on the list.

    Which information is required by the Livescan service provider for electronic fingerprinting?

    A few documents are required for all kinds of applicants. However, depending on the license for which you’ve applied. For the information specific to your application, we suggest you get in touch with us today.

    How to find the correct ORI number?

    Here’s the list of profession wise ORI numbers

    Real Estate Sales and Brokers – FL920010Z
    CNA Applicant – EDOH0380Z
    LPN/RN Applicant – EDOH4420Z
    APRN Applicant – EDOH4420Z
    LPN/RN Multistate Upgrade Applicant – EDOH4420Z
    Construction – FL923400Z
    Community Association Managers – FL921932Z
    Athlete Agents – FL922040Z
    Alcoholic, Beverages and Tobacco – FL 920150Z
    Mold Remediation or Assessment – FL 924260Z
    Drugs, Devices & Cosmetics – FL 924780Z
    Pari-Mutuel Wagering (PMW) – FL920630Z
    Real Estate Appraisers – FL922050Z
    Talent Agents – FL921670Z
    Employee Leasing – FL921880Z
    Home Inspectors – FL 924250Z
    Florida Condominiums, Timeshares, and Mobile Homes (FCTMH) – FL921900Z
    Pari-Mutuel Slots (PMW) – FL923230Z
    For more details, talk to our experts.

    How long does it take to scan the fingerprints?

    It hardly takes 5-10 minutes in electronic fingerprinting. With the latest technology and machines, the processing rolling the fingerprints is quick, clean and effective.

    How much does it cost to get electronic fingerprinting done?

    The total cost of electronic fingerprinting depends on the service provider you are contacting and service feature they are offering. It is better you contact the vendor first to confirm the price.

    What should I bring along while coming for electronic fingerprinting?

    You are required to bring two Identification cards for electronic fingerprinting. Any of the identification cards must have your picture and signature.

    Can I use my same prints for two separate licenses?

    According to the FBI regulation, your fingerprints cannot be used for two separate licensed. You need to have new prints if you are applying for a new license in any other profession or with any other agency.

    After applying, how can I know the status of my Livescan transaction?

    You will be given a Transaction Control Number which you can use on ‘Civil Workflow Control System’ to know the status of your application.

    What if my fingerprint results specify that I have a criminal history?

    In that case, you might have to appear in person in front of the board. You will be sent a written notification if the board