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by Skyler McNabb

The Sealing/Expungement program gives those who have been arrested the opportunity to have their record sealed or expunged.

The EXEMPTION if granted is a path to Employment.

Your EXEMPTION process must document clear and convincing evidence that an exemption from disqualification should be granted.

Each State Background Screening Agency will review the application and make a decision for Exemptions for:

1. Three years or more have passed since I have been released from prison, parole or other criminal-related supervision that had been court ordered for a disqualifying felony criminal offense.

2. I am not under any type of criminal-related supervision that has been court-ordered due to a disqualifying misdemeanor criminal offense.

3. Any and all outstanding court-ordered costs or fees associated with my criminal history have been paid in full and I do not owe restitution, public defender or other court Costs.

4. I am not designated as a sexual predator, sexual offender, or career offender.

We assist you in preparation of The EXEMPTION application by:

Same Day FBI report, the most current criminal history report, which is a compilation of courthouse criminal case records.

  • Current level 2 fingerprinting with letter of denial
  • The original source – the local criminal court records department
  • For each court report – a Court Disposition
  • Preparation of Statement of Rehabilitation – Including any Certifications and Documentations
  • Completion of Sanctions – Programs Attended / Parole

Letter of Reference – 3 Letters Minimal Signed and Notarized

We give many great examples for guidance – We are Public Notaries.

Each state background screening unit will decide on the EXEMPTION within 30 days.

Unfortunately, reciprocity between state background screening units is not guaranteed, only considered.