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Know Everything About ORI Numbers in Florida

Know Everything About ORI Numbers in Florida

Know Everything About ORI Numbers in Florida


Imagine that the Florida Department of Health has contacted you with the help of the local police. They have a court order stating that they can use your DNA to identify a suspect in a crime. If you’ve already provided your fingerprints, they have all the information they need to grant you an exemption.

New regulations in Florida need only fingerprints. You’ve lucked out since here is the spot to have it done, and we know just what to do. If you’re applying for a job in Florida that requires a level 2 background check (livescan fingerprints), you’ll have to submit your fingerprints to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

A “Originating Agency Identifier Number” (ORI) is required by the FDLE for all fingerprint submissions. Historically, fingerprints have been collected by the state, county, or municipal government.


What is an ORI number?

An ORI is a unique number assigned by the originating agency. You can provide the FDLE with the following information to specify why and where the results of your background check should be sent. The correct state agency will receive your fingerprints thanks to your ORI number. The first few digits of an ORI number are often letters, followed by 6-9 digits of numerical information.

The agency’s initials are typically included in the code (e.g. AHCA for the Administration for Children and Families; DCF for the Department of Health). For instance, the ORI for an AHCA background check (level 2) is EAHCA020Z. This is issued by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. EDCFGN10Z is the ORI for DCF General, which stands for the Department of Children and Families. Take note of the alphabetic numeric format used for both ORIs.

Other ORIs will begin with “FL” followed by 7 digits and maybe a letter “z” at the end.

In addition to your ORI number, your livescan supplier may also require an OCA number from you.

What is an OCA number?

An OCA is a case number that was issued by the originating agency. To ensure that FDLE is aware of the reason for the background check and the appropriate state or other monitored agency to contact first, this

number is sometimes paired with the ORI (Original Requested Information) number. However, it’s unclear whose organization, if any, should be privy to the final tally.

Anyone requesting for a Level 2 Background Check will be issued a PAN number, even if their company or agency is not registered with the UCR. IDs issued by the OCA begin with “111” and are always made up of numbers.


What is a VECHS number?

VECHS numbers can only be used using the VECHS system. VECHS numbers are utilized by schools and daycares because they allow FDLE to report results directly to the business.

Each of these digits begins with either “E” or “V.” The VECHS numbers that start with a “V” are reserved for those who choose to volunteer for the organization, while the VECHS numbers that begin with a “E” are for those who wish to work for the business. When compared to social security numbers, how do VECHS numbers differ? VECHS numbers are assigned to participants in the VECHS program in Florida and are identical to SSNs in other states.



The FDLE is in charge of issuing ORI and OCA numbers for the state of Florida. When the FDLE takes a fingerprint, it also assigns a VECHS number. Maintaining adequate service levels is critical as Florida’s population expands. There is a rising demand for administrative and public health workers in the state. Here is where you’ll want to get out your ORI and VECHS numbers. To work in public health or in an administrative capacity in Florida, you’ll need one of these two licenses.

The “ORI” in front of the first number indicates that it is an Occupational Registration Identification Number. The DPR is responsible for assigning you this number. It is used to keep tabs on all of Florida’s public health workers and administrators. Vital Event Certificates Healthcare System Number (VECHS) is the second number. This figure is provided by the VSU (Vital Statistics Unit).

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