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Level one background checks often include a search of public records for the applicant’s name and previous employers. Level 2 background checks, on the other hand, involve using fingerprints to look for criminal records and take federal law against those with certain convictions into account. Employees who are required by law to be fingerprinted under Chapter 435, F.S., as specified in Section 435.04, must undergo a Level 2 security background investigation.


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When Should You Get a Level 2 Background Check?​

Level 2 background checks are required by law in Florida for jobs with substantial responsibility or trust. Jobs working with minors, the elderly, or the mentally ill are just a few examples of those that would need a level 2 background check.

What Type of Level 2 Background Check Do You Need?

Verification of Previous Employment

Clients of the Authorised Recipient might request a full and detailed background check.

Foreign Travel or Work Background Check

A valid visa and a clean criminal record check may be needed to enter some countries.

Background Check and Individual Review

Know what’s in your employees file? Verify that you are not hurting your employment or promotion prospects with false information.

Adoption Background Check

In order to adopt from another country, many will first conduct a background check.

Attorney Requests Background Check

In some legal situations, an attorney will need to order a background check.

Case-Related Background Investigation

Sealing, expunging, or erasing an incorrect criminal record through a background check is possible.

A Background Check For A Student Visa

In order to obtain a visa to visit, work, or study in many countries, one must first pass a background check.

Get the best Level 2 Background Screening Service in Florida

In order to hire the most qualified and honest candidates, level 2 background checks are performed in a variety of industries. People looking for home care services or jobs in an office environment don’t want to deal with an unreliable employee or contractor. A level 2 background check, also known as an FBI criminal check, is performed on all applicants and candidates to determine whether or not they have a history of criminal activity that could compromise the company’s work environment.

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When looking for nurses or home care providers, the stakes are considerably higher. No one would want a suspicious person helping their loved ones at home. Taking that chance is fraught with peril. Therefore, a level 2 background check is performed on all applicants to ensure that every business, no matter the field, hires the best person for the job and the people they care about. Applicants are encouraged to maintain a current employment status and adhere to rules as a result of this procedure, since those who do not do so are less likely to have their licences renewed or be recruited in the future. It’s a solid structure designed to safeguard Floridians’ rights and freedoms. Now, candidates must provide electronic fingerprints, which are then submitted to the local police or even courts to cross-check with the database for any records, in order to obtain a level 2 background check.

Applicants must visit a Livescan service provider licenced by the FDLE to complete electronic fingerprinting. Fingerprinting must be completed electronically at an FDLE-approved facility. FDLE has recognised FEFPS as a legitimate facility. The federal government has mandated specific guidelines for computerised fingerprinting facilities. The FEFPS strictly adheres to the law. Because of this, customers rely on us. You may get your level 2 background check started right now by contacting us to schedule your electronic fingerprinting.

A level ii background check in Florida is identical to a level 2 background check in any other state. Only Florida’s state legislature has codified the concept of a “level 2 background check”.

A level 2 background check in Florida would involve the same information gathering and screening processes as a similar check in any other state. There shouldn’t be any discrepancies between the results of a level 2 background check in Florida and another state.

In Florida, a level 2 background check might go as far back as seven years. Level 2 background checks in Florida are subject to the same general guidelines we discussed in level 2 background checks, which means that negative information such as bankruptcies can remain on a report for up to 10 years, and that background checks for positions paying more than $75,000 per year can go back an additional seven years.

The second level of screening is a complete background check that uses fingerprints to search both the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s statewide database and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s national database of criminal convictions.

The rolling or service fee imposed by the location offering the fingerprinting service is in addition to the pay for the Level 2 background check, which is either $37.25 or $61.25 in Florida.

There are no time limits on how far back an employer in Florida can check into an applicant’s past regarding criminal convictions.