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Relocation is tough but sometimes necessary due to personal or professional reasons. Starting a life in a totally new city or state requires mental, physical, and social preparation. When you move with your whole family, you need to figure out a lot of things such as schools/colleges for your kids, your profession, nearest medical assistance, nearest supermarket or store. It’s an alien world for you without knowing the necessities around you. Until you find the right places near you, it’s all struggle. And, we can relate to that.

We can assist the people with one of their needs when they move to Florida. Our Out-of-State Fingerprinting services really ease the pressure off them a little bit. We help nurses, teachers, contract workers, physicians, security professionals, care service providers, and people from other walks of life. Our services help them initiate the level 2 background check for their work license in Florida.

Why is Electronic Fingerprint-Card Scan Required?

In order for you to continue doing your job or offer services in Florida, the state has made a procedure mandatory for all.

As per the standard procedure:

  • You are required to submit your electronic fingerprint card to the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) even if you are an out of state or out of country applicant.
  • Get your fingerprints converted from a hard card to electronic livescan from a Florida-based FDLE approved vendor.
  • You need to get the below form and fill it with the correct information as asked and send it to electronic fingerprinting vendors if you want to start the process before arriving in Florida.
  • You must have a SSN - Social Security Number or a 9-digit ITIN - Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, or any other government provided identification in order to apply for electronic fingerprint card.
  • Once your vendor hands you over your electronic fingerprints, you then submit those to FDLE and FBI for level 2 background screening check.
  • The designated departments such as Florida Department of Health maintains the results generated through the level 2 background screening process for the nursing and other medical professionals. Once you get the clearance after the background screening is done, you can continue offering your services to the people of Florida.

Where to Get Electronic Fingerprinting Done in Florida?

So, if you are planning to relocate to Florida and continue your work here, get your electronic fingerprinting done from us as we are an FDLE-approved and veteran-owned electronic fingerprinting center.