Florida electronic fingerprinting services

As an FDLE approved electronic fingerprinting service provider and hard card scanner, we submit Out-of-State Scanned FD 258 Fingerprint Cards along with the photo.


FEFPS offers best in class out of state electronic fingerprinting and hard card scanning services for the people moving to Florida from the other states. We use latest machines and streamlined process that allows you to get your electronic fingerprints quick and easy.

Whether you are in nursing profession, starting a business, or a real estate agent or belong to any other profession, when you move to Florida to work, you need to go through the level 2 live scan background screening process to get the license to work or run a business.


For the live scan background check, you need electronic fingerprints that the Federal authorities will cross check with any criminal background. Only those electronic fingerprints in Florida are accepted that are provided by an FDLE approved center such as FEFPS.

Are you Out of State?

Anyone moving to Florida for a professional work whether employment or own business is considered out of state. Out of state electronic fingerprinting process are for those people.

What do you need to do?

  • Submit your electronic fingerprint card to the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation).
  • Get your fingerprints converted from a hard card to electronic livescan from a Florida-based FDLE approved vendor such as FEFPS.
  • You need to get the below form and fill it with the correct information as asked and send it to electronic fingerprinting vendors such as FEFPS if you want to start the process before arriving in Florida.
  • You must have a SSN – Social Security Number or a 9-digit ITIN – Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, or any other government provided identification.
  • Once your vendor hands you over your electronic fingerprints, you then submit those to FDLE and FBI for level 2 background screening check. We can submit our Out-of-State FD 258 Fingerprint Cards as we are FDLE fingerprint provider in Florida.
  • Florida Department of Health maintains the results generated through the level 2 background screening process for the nursing and other medical professionals. Once you get the clearance after the background screening is done, you can continue offering your services to the people of Florida.