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Reducing the Risk of Reject Fingerprint Submission

Reducing the Risk of Reject Fingerprint Submission

No one else in the world has fingerprints that are an identical match to yours. That’s the idea underpinning all forms of biometrics, from thumbprint-based smartphone unlocking to fingerprint-based background checks. Unfortunately, your fingerprints are susceptible to wear, calluses, and other distortions from the activities you engage in. Your fingerprints might be rejected if they are distorted in this way.


What happens if your fingerprints are refused, why your fingerprints could be rejected, and what you can do to lower the likelihood of rejection are all topics we’ll cover in this article.


How Fingerprints Are Taken


Ink and cards were used for fingerprinting until digital scanner technology made the procedure more efficient. Typically, alcohol is used to clean the subject’s hands before the experiment begins. After the ink has dried fully, it is rolled over the pad of each fingertip to cover the region. Then, one at a time, the fingertips are rolled over certain areas of shuffled cards. To make rolled fingerprints, each fingertip is rolled from the nail side to the other. Fingers from both hands are then put on the underside of the vehicle to create flat fingerprints. To demonstrate their precision, the flat imprints are contrasted to their rolled counterparts.


Modern fingerprinting systems use digital scanners to get fingerprint pictures. The individual places his or her fingers on a silicon or optical scanner. Fingerprint scans are captured and converted into digital patterns after being held on the reader’s surface for a few seconds. After being collected, fingerprint patterns are uploaded to a server from which a computer may get them.


If your fingerprints aren’t accepted, what will happen?


Here either of the two scenarios will happen: 


Most people enroll their fingerprints by going to a FEFPS or other approved Livescan fingerprinting service. Our trained staff will notify you that you need to rescan your fingerprints if the quality is low. If many attempts fail, we will send you home with instructions on how to improve the quality of your fingerprints.


The second possible outcome is that your fingerprint submission is denied by the receiving agency after having been accepted by the fingerprinting agency. Your application may be held up if this happens. It is advised that you take precautions to avoid this.


Apply Some Good Lotion to Your Skin


We’re all fans of calming aromas, but few of us realize that frequent handwashers shouldn’t use some cosmetic products.  


You may want to look for unscented lotions with a high concentration of natural oils the next time you go shopping. This entails selecting creams with chemicals whose names seem familiar. 


Use products like olive oil, shea butter, oats, and lotions. At least three times every day, you should apply lotion to your hands. Always apply hand lotion after drying your hands. 


However, on the day of your fingerprint appointment, don’t use any hand moisturizer.


Use Natural Oils


If your fingerprint is getting rejected by the scanner, try rubbing some natural oil onto your fingers to make the ridges more noticeable. Some individuals smooth out the peaks by scratching their fingers on top of their heads. You’re welcome to do so, but please don’t lick or blow your fingers, since doing so might transmit bacteria that could be hazardous. 


Lessen Your Reliance On Antiseptic Hand Gel 

Alcohol and other compounds often found in hand sanitizers can be drying to the skin. Moisturizers added to the sanitizer won’t be able to counteract the drying effects of the chemicals in it. 


If you have access to soap and warm water, washing your hands with that will assist. Don’t use toilet paper to dry your hands; instead, let them air dry and then apply lotion. 


For Scanners, Use Your Non-Dominant Finger


Fingerprinting is often done using the forefinger of the hand that is not the one being used to write. If it doesn’t work, try using your middle or ring finger on the other hand. 


Select Livescan Fingerprint Scanning.


However, this is conditional on the location(s) requiring your fingerprint(s). Electronic fingerprinting has become the norm for conducting background checks on job applicants and current employees. If you have the option between ink-based fingerprinting and electronic fingerprinting, go with the latter.


Fingerprints taken with ink must have clear ridges and dry fingers, and after they’re perfect, they’ll be submitted to the appropriate authority. If your credit card application was declined, resubmitting it might take several days. With electronic fingerprinting, fingerprints may be rescanned several times until accuracy is achieved.


Set Your Goals


If there is a chance that your fingerprints may be refused during your appointment, treat your fingertips like royalty. Take a week off from gardening or rock climbing before your scheduled appointment. 


In the event that your job requires you to handle fingerprints of questionable quality, you may want to postpone your appointment until Monday. You should also moisturize your hands for a week to seven days before the encounter. Avoid applying hand moisturizer on the day of your visit, since this might impair the scanner’s ability to read your fingerprints, as was previously mentioned.


Visit a Trustworthy Fingerprinting Service.


Think about visiting a trusted fingerprinting service, like FEFPS, to get your prints taken. Our skilled personnel can identify poor quality fingerprint scans and assist you in rescanning your hands before submitting them to the appropriate authority.


Accurate fingerprints are required for all security checks and background investigations. When fingerprints are rejected, what would normally be a quick and easy process becomes time-consuming and frustrating. Improving the procedure and lowering the likelihood of rejection will make taking fingerprints easier for you to do.


Expert technical assistance might be invaluable when attempting to collect fingerprints. Contact us if you need fingerprinting done at one of our sites or at your place of business. When it comes to authenticating services and individualized client support, Reliability Screening Solutions is your one-stop shop. We guarantee accurate and safe fingerprint collection thanks to our certification and team of highly trained experts.