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Should You Request an FBI Background Check on Your Spouse?

Should You Request an FBI Background Check on Your Spouse?

Should You Request an FBI Background Check on Your Spouse?

Simply put, you and your future spouse are both free to request an FBI record check. After all, it’s preferable to err on the side of caution. Marriage is a vow of faithfulness that lasts a lifetime. Before making a long-term commitment, each individual should have a firm grasp on the other’s background, history, and personality. One of the greatest methods to ensure your marriage doesn’t turn into a nightmare is to conduct a level 2 background check.

Why Get a Background Check Before Marriage?

Both Spouses Are Going to the Doctor. Background checks, first and foremost, are not an issue of candor and openness. It’s only right that both of you submit to an FBI check before tying the knot. This might be viewed as something humorous as well. Remember that your partner may be completely unaware of the potentially devastating knowledge they possess. You may be doing yourself a favor by conducting a background check since it will allow you and your potential spouse an opportunity to clear your names.

Find the Potentially Hidden Skeletons. Background checks provide you the opportunity to investigate your potential partner’s history and uncover any potential baggage. This may shed light on things like past convictions, jobs, relationships, substance misuse, and financial difficulties. Any of these situations might be regarded as insurmountable obstacles to getting married and should be discussed in depth with your future spouse.

Information Included in An FBI Background Check

The most common purpose for doing a background check is to look for evidence of criminal activity. All misdemeanor and felony offenses at the federal level are included in an FBI background check. Conviction, charge, and incarceration details may also be uncovered in the background check. Criminal non-convictions during the past seven years, official personal information, and housing history are also part of an FBI background check.

FBI Fingerprint Check

Fingerprints are used by the FBI for identification purposes. You and your spouse’s fingerprints can be submitted to the FBI through live scan for background checks.

Live scan fingerprinting is the technique of acquiring fingerprints digitally and sending them to a state repository, like the FBI, in real time.

Electronic fingerprint processing means you can acquire the results of your future spouse’s background check in a couple of hours.

The fingerprints are checked against state and federal crime databases.

In order to submit your fingerprints for an FBI background check, you and your partner will need the assistance of a qualified live-scan fingerprint technician.

Reasons for doing background checks on potential partners

It’s not wise to start a new life with someone about whom you have many unanswered questions. You should know how to do a background check before getting married for these reasons:

Insuring a safe and happy future together

The decision to be married is a major one. You commit to spending the rest of your life with one person. The path you and your partner take into the future is influenced by your own histories. To be prepared for your future with your partner, it is wise to conduct a background check on your spouse.

You should be informed of their past failures and blunders, no matter how large or tiny, so that you can assess how their past may affect your present and future.

Record of infractions

When conducting a background check on a potential life partner, it is crucial to learn whether or not they have a criminal record. People may evolve, therefore having a criminal record from the past isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

However, it’s dubious when they choose to conceal that information from the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with. This casts doubt on their honesty and loyalty and makes you wonder what more they could be hiding. 

In addition, prior criminal history should raise red flags and prompt extra caution, no matter how much has improved.

Prior instances of domestic violence

One-third of women and one-quarter of males globally suffer some type of domestic abuse.  This is why it’s a good idea to conduct some background checks. You should make sure your potential spouse has no history of maltreatment at home. 

However, not all cases of domestic violence are recorded by the police, thus even those who pass a spousal background check may be abusive towards their spouses. 

However, by taking this preventative action, you can lessen the likelihood of experiencing domestic violence from your spouse in the future. 

Authentication of Individuality 

This is the bulk of any investigation into a prospective spouse’s past. Proof that they are who they say they are would be helpful. One common motivation for embellishing one’s biographical details is the desire to make a favorable impression on a potential partner. 

Theft of one’s identity is another potential risk. It is now much simpler to steal a person’s whole identity because of the widespread availability of records from internet databases. 

Do marital details show up on background checks? And of course. You may verify the authenticity of their name, age, and other personal details by doing a background check. 

While being trustworthy and open with one another is crucial in any relationship, it’s wise to exercise caution when dealing with a matter as severe as identity theft. 

Compulsive actions

Whether or if your spouse has come clean about it immediately is equally relevant. They could admit they “drank too much in the past,” yet you might detect worrying signs of addiction nevertheless. They may still be dismissing the gravity of their dependency. 

A spousal background check that turns up a history of drug offenses, suspected DUIs or abnormal behavior patterns should raise warning flags. 

Verification of Marriage

You may question your spouse directly, but a spouse background check is also a good idea if you have any doubts about whether or not they are giving the whole truth. Is a person’s marital status revealed by a background check? In a word, yes. Using this method, you may find out if your potential spouse is single, divorced, or has children from a previous relationship.

It’s important to know right away whether your potential spouse is previously married or if they have any major financial obligations like child support that you were unaware of. That’s why it’s crucial to research your potential spouse’s family tree.

Acquainting oneself with their relatives

When you marry someone, you become an integral part of their world, including their home and family. You’re adopted into their family. 

If your potential spouse is reluctant to expose you to their family, it’s smart to conduct a background check on them as well. Your relationship will be most impacted by issues within your immediate family. You need to be prepared for any problems by anticipating what they could be. 

Financial problems

The state of your spouse’s finances might have an impact on your own. Before committing to a life together, be sure neither of you is bankrupt or saddled with mountains of debt. After tying the knot, couples tend to have similar financial situations. The financial difficulties of your partner might have far-reaching consequences for you. Investigate your partner’s financial history as part of your background research to help you come up with effective solutions. 

Better safe than sorry

Despite how wonderful it may seem, a marriage may be a prime target for scam artists. If you want to avoid a highly expensive divorce because you fell for a fraud or scam, it’s better to be cautious than sorry. 


Relationships thrive on mutual respect and trust. On the other hand, your spouse could occasionally do things that make you skeptical of them. 

If you want to be sure your future spouse doesn’t have anything to conceal, a background check is a good idea. In doing so, you’ll be able to put your relationship and mental health first again.


The results of an FBI background check won’t always be bad. The results of these tests may provide insight that strengthens your relationship with your spouse. It may sound cold to ask your spouse to submit to an FBI background check, but doing so might preserve your marriage. You could look for live scan fingerprinting near me if you’re ready to move further.

You or your spouse may get your fingerprints scanned in real-time at the aid of a reliable live-scan professional, and then have those fingerprints sent on to the FBI via a legal FBI Channeler.