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The Top Myths Of Background Screening

The Top Myths Of Background Screening

The Top Myths Of Background Screening


Conducting a background check in Florida on a potential employee is a great method to learn more about them and make a better-informed hiring decision. When it comes to recruiting, nobody is more important than their safety, which is why having access to a reliable background check service in Florida is crucial. It’s crucial to recruit the greatest people possible since they will represent the company to the outside world. It is essential to the company’s reputation and the employment process that background checks be conducted.


A Top Home Service Provider Won’t Hire Criminals.

Only the contractor who holds a state Contractor’s Licence is needed to be fingerprinted; employees are exempt from this requirement. Consider all the times you’ve needed to call in a professional to fix your air conditioning or heating system, your plumbing, or your electrical system. Fingerprint checks on employees are probably not done. A fingerprint background check will reveal a criminal record even if the firm only requires a name and date of birth background check, but the company won’t know the applicant’s true identity if they don’t provide it.


Check the Fingerprints of Everyone Who Comes in Contact with Children

Despite how obviously correct this must be, it is not the case. The Adam Walsh Act is a current federal law that mandates fingerprint background checks for anybody working with minors. Regrettably, the states lack the authority to implement this federal statute. Volunteers, Sunday school teachers, coaches, and other group leaders may not be in accordance with a federal statute meant to safeguard our nation’s youth from sexual predators with criminal histories. Unfortunately, it appears that a tragedy must occur before we take these necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our children. It’s crucial to find out what kind of screening was done on the people who would be responsible for our children.


All Background Checks Are Created Equal.

This is the furthest thing from the truth. The results of a criminal record check or background check may vary. Background screening” and “Background Checks” are both typical terms for doing a comprehensive search of public records in many jurisdictions. The National Criminal Databases (NCD), often known as a multi-jurisdictional search, is a database of criminal records compiled from public databases maintained by a private corporation; as such, the databases contained within the NCD are exclusive to the NCD’s owner. Some jurisdictions prohibit these businesses from purchasing the sex offender register and then using the data for commercial purposes. The FBI unquestionably maintains the most comprehensive criminal database, which includes the sex offender register. If the term “fingerprint background check” isn’t included, it means that fingerprints were not used to confirm the applicant’s identity and clear them of any criminal records.


Without fingerprints, a background check will always reveal the commission of a crime.

Only 55% of U.S. court records are available online through multi-jurisdictional databases, and those databases generally only contain the past seven years’ worth of data, as stated on the website of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). However, criminal fingerprint booking reports in the FBI database will populate regardless of the offender’s alias or date of birth, going all the way back to when the offender was 18 years old. In March of 2017, an American childcare worker was arrested for allegedly leaving seven kids, aged 6 months to 4, alone at her creche while she went sunbathing. It was revealed in 2014 that she had priors when she was jailed on 21 offenses, including negligence. She was able to avoid a negative “background check” result by legally changing her name after 2014.


The FBI’s Computer System Is Inaccurate

In the wake of Uber and Lyft’s nationwide expansion, this became a major talking point. These businesses argued in 2015 that the FBI database was incomplete and needed to be updated. They said that even if an individual was charged with a felony, the status of their case was not updated in the FBI’s system. Since only half of arrest records in AIFIS (the FBI database) have a final disposition, this outdated information has been shared by ridesharing businesses, who cited the U.S. Attorney General Published Report from 2006. That is, an arrest was made, but it might not be clear if the charges were ultimately withdrawn. This popular ride-sharing service did not provide the public with the full quote, which read as follows: “Nevertheless, while far from complete, [FBI database] is the most comprehensive single source of criminal history information in the United States and provides users, at minimum, a pointer system that assists in discovering more complete information on a person’s involvement in the criminal justice system.”

Following the publication of this report in 2006, the FBI implemented the Next Generation Identification System (NGI), a more thorough background check procedure and database. The FBI spent eight years finishing this new implementation. The NGI system connects 18,000 entities at the local, state, and federal levels, all of which report back to the FBI.


Recruiting Firms Run By Independent Third Parties, Don’t Ever Rely on Fingerprint Verifications

Background checks based only on a person’s given name and date of birth are not necessarily up to date in all jurisdictions. If a criminal record is found, a fingerprint background check may be necessary to confirm the subject’s identity, verify the accuracy of the information, and determine the current disposition of the criminal case in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This is relevant because if a criminal shares your name and/or date of birth, their criminal record may be reported as yours. You’ll need to submit a fingerprint check to prove you were never arrested or charged with the offenses in question.



Employers utilize background checks in Florida to reduce risk and find the best possible candidates for open positions. As long as you’re being truthful about your qualifications and experience, you have nothing to worry about. Your CV is your ticket into the professional world. The same paperwork you need to enter a foreign country are the same documents and references an employer would need to hire you, so it’s important to know this going in.